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Tarot, pendulum and Oracle readings, energy cleansing/clearing services and intuitive coaching are some of the most popular services offered by The Crystal Cauldron. In addition to these, we will be implementing classes and programs on all things magick! This will include courses on how to read Tarot, how to manifest your goals, mindset shifting, candle magic, divination, moon magic, kitchen witchery, magic through crafting and more! 

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Why do we do it?

Hello there, you magical beings! If you are reading this then you are most likely a lover of magic, just like me! My name is Jenni Kinney and I have been in love with all things magic and otherworldly for as long as I can remember! I received my first tarot deck at 13 years old and that is where my practice truly began. Twenty-two years have passed since then and I am still very much in love! Like most of us witchy, mystical beings, I was in the broom closet for far too long. I have been called to share my knowledge and shine my light on the world, and that is what I am here to do. I would love to share my knowledge and experience, tips, tricks and other magical goodness with all of you. 

What To Expect

Are you looking for a tightly-knit community and group of true friends that love to help each other learn, grow and develop their talents and gifts? If so, you are in the right place! Let me teach you everything I know and watch you grow into the mystical, magical unicorn god/goddess that you were meant to be! Much like my mentors, it is my goal to make magic mainstream and raise the vibration of the earth. Let's make our Earth Mother proud!

What are my clients saying?


"Jenni is fabulous teacher. I have taken her free Tarot Class as well as Tarot LevelUp and I loved it. So much details, so many pdf files so much info and all delivered in a fun and caring way. No question was silly and I just love jenny's down to earth approach. if you want to learn how to read the cards I would absolutely recommend her. Can't beat what she offers. She cares that you learn and it just shows. Love it and will do another one with her for sure!" ~Maya Malone, IRELAND


"Hi Jenni, Thank you so much for the amazing reading! I could really feel the authenticity come through!  It really confirmed a lot of what I was thinking about and really appreciated getting such validation on my questions.  Questions, I will add, that I did not express to you!  I felt completely comfortable with the reading I received, and loved the side notes that you added to both what the cards might mean, as well as the comments you added at the end about what I'm doing must be right. :) It felt so geared towards me! And I'm still astounded by the mention on the pregnancy and/or marriage!!! :) Talk about new life cycle, I'm getting both and you nailed that one on the head!!

Thank you again!" ~Karen Altemose, NJ


" I purchased the Past Life Reading from Jenni at The Crystal Cauldron, wanting something other than just a regular Tarot reading. I have been looking for something different that dug just a little bit deeper than the usual and when I saw that she offered Past Life Readings, I didn’t hesitate on picking that one instantly... and I am VERY glad that I did. I was blown away when I received my email because her vibrant energy flowed over the words as if she were sitting right there with me. 

The reading was full and provided me with an in-depth look at a past life. Jenni made sure to explain how I should look at the cards as a whole rather than individually and to know the importance of the cards’ relationship with each other in the reading. She attached pictures of each card that was pulled so I could refer to them as needed while reviewing what she had written. Not only did this allow me to get a feeling of the cards myself, I could also see the beauty of the cards and appreciate them just like Jenni does. 

Her natural ability to read the cards and relay their messages in a soothing way is simply magical. The Past Life Reading gave me a new perspective and allowed me to make sense of some of the fears and doubts of my present life. I am able to reflect on these issues and find ways to move forward positively, knowing that I was not making myself sick with worry without a valid reason!  I am so grateful to Jenni for providing me with this amazing reading. Sharing her time, energy, and compassion with me was a gift that I am happy to have received. Add to the fact that she brought in some clarity, insight, and thoughtful suggestions to make sense of some of the mysteries of my present life made the entire experience worthwhile. 

I highly recommend Jenni from The Crystal Cauldron to anyone wanting a reading. She will provide you with clear, honest, and detailed descriptions that can guide you in the direction you desire to go. Thank you so very much, Jenni! <3"  ~ Angiris Dugan


"Awe! It's a beautiful reading! Makes my heart happy!! I'm going to keep reading this, lol. Thanks!!" ~Carolina Lambourg

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